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This book should be an essential text for all health professionals and required reading for all medical and midwifery students. 

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November 9th 2016

Registration at 8am

Presentation will begin at 8:30am

Milk matters: more than you know Maureen Minchin's latest book is a call to all who are interested in the long term health of humanity to take a better educated and research driven view of the effects of early diet. It is an impressive trilogy:


• Book 1 advances the milk hypothesis, that immune disorder can be communicated vertically, compounding intergenerationally, through early infant nutrition and pregnancy and birth experiences; 

• Book 2 describes the development of replacements for breastmilk, outlining their past, present and future deficiencies and excesses, and the known or likely consequences; 

• Book 3 links the science and history to everyday infant problems, and gives practical advice about preventing or resolving diet-related distress in young children. 

With her usual intelligent passion, Maureen provides compelling evidence for the necessity of feeding species-specific milk. What will it take for clinicians who are charged with the health of our most vulnerable citizens - our babies - to finally improve their management of infant nutrition? 


 4210 Riverwalk Pkwy

Riverside Ca 92505

Inland Empire Breastfeeding Coalition is an approved Long-Term provider by the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners (IBLCE) # CLT112-06. Registered dietitians may submit a copy of the agenda for CPEs in their Professional Development Portfolio

Provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider # CEP 16234, Inland Empire Breastfeeding Coalition for 4 contact hours

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